Custom application

Davis Farm Services offers a variety of custom applications. We have 4 dry application machines along with 4 high clearance liquid applicators. We offer a range of services including dry fertilizer, Lime, High volume liquid and post liquid application. Davis Farm Services has licenced custom applicators with over 80 years of combined experience. All of our equipment has the latest technology in Raven precision application.

Seed Treating

New for 2022 Davis Farm Services has a new Bayer on demand seed treater that offers farmers the most precise seed treating available. Seed Treatment includes Bayer's Acceleron Fungicide and Insecticide with the Option to add ILEVO for SDS protection.

Precision Farming

Davis Farm Services mission is to execute the 4R's of Fertilizer applications; Right source, Right rate, Right time and Right place. We offer many options in precision farming including Variable rate soil sampling and mapping. Along with variable rate seed planting, field scouting and yield mapping using Climate Fieldview.