•    Field Mapping

  •      Variable Rate application

  •          Soil Sampling

  •            Custom Dry application

  •         Custom Liquid application

Here at Davis Farm, there are  
liquid  fertilizer and high
clearance chemical applicators

Field Scouting

Our employees have  years of experience and knowledge to assist you in the
scouting of your fields.         
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Davis Farm Services is able to provide our customers with all levels of soil       
sampling, including standard soil tests, or for added micronutrients,
soybean cyst sampling, tissue sampling, and the newest addition to our line,
VRT zone sampling.

We are equipped with 4 dry fertilizer applicators to meet your needs in a timely manner.
The latest technology that we have added at Davis Farm, is the ability of
variable rate application with the Farm Works program.
We are able to map your fields with great precision, using a new
GPS tracking system.
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