Farm Services, Inc.
Davis Farm Services, Inc. is a family owned agriculture business serving
the growers for more than 40 years in northwest Ohio. We are happy to
provide a full line of products and services through two locations. Our
products include liquid and dry fertilizer, farm chemicals, seed and custom
services, including liquid and dry application, soil sampling and precision
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The wheat fields are off and the soil sampling has
started. Please let Tom and Todd know what your
sampling plans are now for the coming fall. Davis Farm
has GPS sampling available for your lime and fertilizer


If you are interested in financing for your farm inputs, Davis Farm has several options available to you. Now is the time to fill
out applications to arrange any financing for  next year. Please call Kelly in the Liberty Center office or talk to Cheryl in the Delta
office for information and applications for available programs. We currently have plans thru John Deere Financial for Monsanto
chemicals and seed, and thru Rabo Financing for Mycogen Seed and Dow Chemical.
There is also the Tru-Choice plan that
offers financing as well.

Currently there are discounts available for your early
order and pay corn and soybean seed.  The current
discount is 8% valid until November 15. The 6%
discount is valid until January 16, 2017. The final
discount is 4% until February 15 ,2017. Call Tom or
Todd soon to place your order.

Davis Farm Services hosted the Delta after school program today
and showed the students a little bit of what we do at a fertilizer plant!
Thanks for bringing the kids Janey Dunford!